Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots

by Planet of the Tapes

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Chris Page
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Chris Page So freakin ripping. I can't wait to ride my fixie around town to this. Favorite track: Here Comes Mr. Suck / Coca Cola Hammock Station.


Interview from MRR:

Band name:

Date & location formed:
Formed in Calgary, AB Canada in June of 2016, with our tape (Monsters, Narcs and Idiots) being written, recorded and released in time for our first show at the end of July 2016. It’s been a real goddamned whirlwind.

Reason for forming:
Three of the four members live in Calgary and do time in more established acts: Craig (guitar) is the front man for Feel Alright; Brady (bass) holds the same position in The Mandates; and Michael (drums) plays in so many bands it’s hard to keep track, but most notably Blü Shorts and Gawker. Sarah (vocals) lives in Toronto and only had the summer to hang out, and this band is essentially all about hanging out. When you have 6 weeks to do something, it can be way easier to motivate yourself to get together and punch out as much as possible. We also like to party, and this was an excellent way to do that.

What are your lyrics about?
Piss tasting, an alternate reality where prohibition never ended, trying to relax, fucking. You know. Normal, every day life.

How would you describe your sound?
Definitely influenced by disaffected young men, most notably Angry Samoans and Zero Boys, but also kind of shitting on that. It can be difficult to take that early macho hardcore stuff seriously, but the songs sound real cool so why not rip on it a bit?

What’s in the future for this band?
We’re going to write and record a new album in December, which will be called “Slander, Lies and Soda.” Planet of the Tapes is also going to put out a much larger run of our first tape, and that should be coming together this fall. It’s up for free on our bandcamp right now. Maybe we’ll even make some fuckin’ t-shirts or something.

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released September 30, 2016



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